Ziegfeld Follies - Dressmaker Waiting for D'Artagnan shows Peggy Shannon as Constance Bonacieux  - companion to Anne, Queen of France. Joseph Urban Backdrop Naomi Johnson by Alfred Cheney Johnson
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Waiting for D'Artagnan

(In Memory of those we love and lose)

What though thy name by no sad lips be spoken,
And no fond heart shall keep thy memory green?
Thou yet shalt leave thine own enduring token,
For earth is not as though thou ne'er hadst been.
(Constance C. W. Naden)

'Waiting for D'Artagnan' is a romantic bedroom scene that has Peggy Shannon in the role of Constance Bonacieux and harks back to The Three Musketeers set in the first half of the seventeenth century.
A Joseph Urban scene was the starting point: Ziegfeld Production - The Three Musketeers - 1928

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It is a slight departure to the treatment of the other images in the collection and If I had to pick a painter to admire and offer as an example to the approach for the latest picture, I would probably choose Vermeer for his treatment of light and 'realism'.He created pictures with a series of transparent layers so that each colour was influenced by the preceeding colour.
His style would also be contemporary with the setting of the Dumas novel.
This picture used over 50 layers to create the colour and light effect so it's probably the most complex picture in the collection to date.

Peggy Shannon - This fateful beauty was born Winona Sammon on 10 January 1910.
She first appeared in a Ziegfeld show in 1923 claiming to be 17 yrs old.
Although a talented and promising actress; she never quite made it to stardom and as her career slowly declined her drinking increased. On 11 May 1941 she was found slumped over her kitchen table with a cigarette in one hand and a glass in the other. The post mortem concluded that she died of a heart attack aged only 31.
Her husband, cameraman Albert G. Roberts, devastated by his loss, shot himself with a rifle at the spot where he had found her only 3 weeks before.

When choosing the elements for this picture I felt a great sadness for the tragically short lives of Peggy and Constance made even more melancholy by the great loves they left behind. I only hope that you will be touched as I was by the story surrounding this fated starlet. (Ian)

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